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Our approach to recruitment involves the following steps

Understand the requirement: We understand the position not only on technical parameters but also on leadership & interpersonal skills. We collect the Job Description (JD) from the Client. The JD describes exact job specification, salary structure, numbers required and other terms and conditions of employment. We seek to understand the company business and the business issues around it.

Search Process: The next step after understanding the position is to search the most ideal profiles. For this we use a variety of resources such as online & internal databases, referrals, industry contacts & affiliations, e group platforms etc.

Screening: We evaluate the candidate against the requirements of the position. This involves holding telephonic/in-person conversations with the candidate to check on the interpersonal skills and understand how strongly the candidate fits in that particular position.

Short Listing: Once the candidate is deemed suitable on the above qualification criteria from our database & other resources, we forward their profile to the client company.

Interviews: We work diligently to organize interview & scrutinizing schedules in accordance to client and candidate's convenience. If you wish, we can be a part of your team for the final interview, negotiation & final selection.

Bridge In: After the candidate has been finally selected, we liaison between the client and the candidate for any assistance needed.

We work relentlessly to forge a Win-Win relationship for everybody.